Prof. Dr. Ahmet MARANKİ

Ahmet Maranki was born in the year of 1956 in Inebolu. The author who finishes the high school in Istanbul, first was graduated from the department of the College of Tobacco Expertises, he completed his internship in 1976 and he started the task of the state. In the sequence as follow; he was graduated from T.Industry Engineer of Istanbul University in 1981, then he completed his master on Social Politics at Social Sciences Institute of The School of Economics in Istanbul University in 1986 and he also completed his doctorate on Industrial Relations- Social Politics- Labor Economics of the same department in 1990. He made scientific studies and researches over the doctorate on local governments in the field of professions, social security systems and agrciulture in USA in 1991.

Upon the request of the state of Azerbaijan after the destruction of the state of S.S.C.B in 1993, he was charged with a duty of making researches as the chief specialist of the concerned department which he serves in favor of T.C and he was also charged with lecturing at the universities. He served as “specialist” with the title of “University Lecturer” by the means of the diplomatic status on the matter of the preparation and the application of the course schedules such as "Principles Marketing", International Economic Organization", "International Marketing", "Islam Economy Relation" which are related to the transition from planned economy to the market economy of the state and its private universities within the framework of Azerbaijan (UNO) United Nations Organization U.N.D.P in favor of T.C and the development programmes of UNV units. The author also worked as consultant in the Azerbaijan Council, he published these studies with his books named “ Turkey Azerbaijan External Economic Relations” and “Agent Contracts.”

Ahmet Maranki was selected “the most succesful foreign scientist of the year”thanks to all of his studies which are mentioned here or not mentioned in 1998 in Azerbaijan.

The author, who serves in the IPA -International Personal Academy which operates and which is established under the supervision of Unesco and European Union of BMT, is the only T.C citizen who is pronounced as“attested” by getting the title of professor on economics with the task of “university lecturer”by the decision of scientific council because of his scientific studies, course schedules which were prepared -application of these and his publications. In the period of the time which the author have been in Caucasia and Azerbaijan, he took the title of extrasense and bioenergist because of that he gave training related to the unknown sides of SSCB by modern world in the strategic and cosmic research centers.

As can be seen in the literatures of the author, at the time of his duty of state, addition to his Professional works, he served in the cooperation with many foundations relevant to Turcomans in Musul-Kerkuk Region during the Iran-Iraq War in Middle East in 1987 and Islam Conference in Saudi Arabia, to the assimilation and migration which are applied to the Turkish people in the Balkans and Bulgaria in 1990, the Muslim Indians in USA in 1991, to the Turkish people in Caucasia and especially to Azerbaijan since 1993 up today. He shared these studies with the public by the means of his articles which are published with the name of 55 units notifications, 10 units books which contain course and social contents, “strategy” in national and international- written and visual media.

The author who is the initiator of many scientific researches and who carries out the general secretary of “the Scientists and Inventors Foundation”which is founded in 1990 and consists of the scientists from Russia- Austria- Azerbaijan-Turkey, still carries out the presidency of “Turkey- Holland Foundation” in Amsterdam-Holland concerning with the preparation of EU Strategies in the process of entering the European Union and also he carries out the presidency of the Institute named “ The Institute for Cross Cultural Health” where the subjects of this book are researched scientifically.

The author who is invited by Setsuka Yamazaki who is the president of BMT Asia-Pasific and Europe in order that he could work as a specialist in another projects, preferred to stay in Turkey by serving in favor of this noble nation. The author who has been interested in sports closely since 1969, he still serves for Turkish sport as the master of black belt, judo, taekwondo, shiatsu in Specialty Wrestling Club.

The author, who displays activity in many social and strategic NGO(Civil society organisations) such as foundation, association, thought clubs,etc. in the world and in Turkey, is married and have 3 children, he knows English, Arabic, Russian, Azerbaijani language, Ottoman Language.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki has got 54 units published literatures in 5 different fields, it is available of his books named “ The Life Energy with Cosmic Science and Conscious” which has sold 86 copies up today, “The Miraculous Treatments with Profilactic Massage” and “ Miraculous Treatments with Points”which each of them sells 19 copies, “The Healing Herbs in the light of the Cosmic Science”which sells 500.000 copies and “ Healthful Meals in the life of the Cosmic Science” whose the first edition sells 100.000copies.

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The God(Allah CC) created thousands and hundred thousands of blessings on the earth and subordinated it to the people. If the people do not regard the judgements of God( Allah CC) and do not go with Him, if he does not listen his orders, then they become the beings who do not see the reality. Indeed, not thanking for so much blessings is the biggest disrespectness and foolishness.


Islam means good morality.

(Kenzü'l - Ummal, 3/17, Hadis No: 5225)


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