Registrations for Cosmic Body Cleansing Spring Camp are still open!

For a leap to healthier living, registrations for Cosmic body cleansing and detox spring camp are still open, in which methods of mental and physical purgation operated by medical specialists and KOBIK with consideration of Ahmet Maranki.

Registrations for Cosmic Body Cleansing Spr
The reality of Miraculous Negative Ion on R
Seda Sayan was the Guest of Ahmet Maranki!
A First From Maranki, Cosmic Natural Cleani
Our Courses of Massage with Diploma, MEB Ce
Healing Source for 2200 Years!
Cosmic Life Center went into operation!
Cosmic Center was opened in Istanbul
Raise up your energy with Cosmic Gemstones.
The Healing Source Spreading from deserts:
The Oil of Black Sea Floats on the Sea
Do Not Miss the Campaign for Body Energy An

Up-To-Date News

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Healing Source for 2200 Years!
Kombucha, a fermented yeast enzyme tea, with a 2200-year history is now offered under the guarantee of Maranki.

Do Not Miss the Campaign for Body Energy Analysis and Detox!

Don't Miss The Summer Campaigns from Maranki

A First From Maranki, Cosmic Natural Cleaning Coming with Marankimatik!

The Healthy Way of Entering Summer is Cherry Detox from Maranki

Our Courses of Massage with Diploma, MEB Certified, Transcriptioned has started!

Healthy Life

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Practical Ways of Staying Healthy
Sustaining more healthy and vigorous life is actually in your hands. For this, it is sufficient of you to spare the time for yourself and pay attentio

The Healing Source Spreading from deserts: DATE

It was found that Omega- 3 fat is helpful on the treatment of some important diseases

For More Healthy Life...

Science Verified Maranki!

How Kind of a Nutrition System Should Be?

Maranki in Press

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Maranki Interview with Mehmet Yasin is in Hurriyet Newspaper!
Mehmet Yasin who is veteran journalist and programmer, made an interview with scientist Ahmet Maranki on delicious and healthy meals. In the interview

Special thanks to the Employees and Readers of Takvim Newspaper!

The phenomenon of Maranki is on Hurriyet Newspaper

A Very Special Interview on GDO Food with Ahmet Maranki

The Romania Trip of Maranki

Colors and Aura

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The Effects of the Colors on The Clothes
The effects of the colors on our clothes were proved physically and mentally.

The Effects of The Colors on the Places

The Effects of the Colors on Our Life

The Effects of the Colors on our Psychology

The Therapy of the Colors

The Photograph of Energy ( Kirlian)

Cosmic Sport

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Is it Possible of Losing Weight by Having a Diet?
We wanted to share our practical advices to Cosmic Science Followers concerning the exercises.

Standing Balance Exercises

Elmar Action

Choosing Suitable Place

The Points Which We Need to Take Care While Breathing in!


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What is The Reason of the Pain Which is Felt While Going Down The Stairs?
Orthopedy and Traumatology Specialist Opr. Dr. Safak Onbasioglu says the active life style of our modern age increases the frequency of knee discomfor

Renewing From Top to The Bottom With Hot Stone Therapy

Permanent Solution Without Drug For Migraine: "Biofeedback"

The Unknown Points About Miraculous Walnut

Heart Attack and Hot Water

Attention to MSG!

Strategic Researches

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The Oil of Black Sea Floats on the Sea
The news referring that the Oil is available in Black Sea have come to order again, which the specialist of strategic researches Ahmet Maranki found o

The Mountains On the Sea of Oil

Does Kastamonu float on the Sea of Oil?

The electricity in Brain

The Technology from Siber to Promisd

Maranki and Balkans

What is Cosmic Science?

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What is Cosmic Science?
Cosmic Science addresses the people who are rational and intelligent, who has just started to use their mind and who always think. “Cosmic Conscious”

The Aim of Cosmic Science

What is Cosmic Perspective?

The Methods of Cosmic Protection

Cosmic Bioenergy

Cosmic Body Cleansing (CBC) - Enema

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Registrations for Cosmic Body Cleansing Spring Camp are still open!
For a leap to healthier living, registrations for Cosmic body cleansing and detox spring camp are still open, in which methods of mental and physical

Cosmic Body Cleansing Camp is at Sandikli Thermal Park Hotel in Afyon

The Results of the Purification which are worried- November Month

The Applications of Cosmic Body Cleansing in the World

What Kind of Applications are Made in Detox Camps?

Why Is The Detox So Important?

Organic Agriculture

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The GDO Food
The efforts in our country are not enough against the organisms whose the genetics are modified and which surrond the whole world.

Organic Production and Organic Fertilizer in Agriculture

Cosmic Product Efforts in Alanya

Cosmic Fruits are also Grown After The Cosmic Cotton

The Review of Organic Agriculture

Kirlian- Thermal Technology

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The Photo Image of Energy- Kirlian
Is it possible of the remote diagnosis and treatment with energy by the means of the methods of Dr. George De La Warr and Dr. Ruth Brown?

The Protection of The Body with Energy Field

Therapeutic Touch

Energy Acquisition

Thermal Photos 

The Mysterious World of the Gemstones

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Your Zodiac Signs, Gemstones and Colors in Astrological Dimension Due to Cosmic Science
There are tens of gemstones which are compatible with each of the zodiac signs, here they are the ones for you whose energies are the most intensive a

The Place of Astrology in Cosmic Conscious

"The Immortal Gemstone" : Cornelian

The Unknown Facts About the Gemstones

An Anecdote…The Gemstone from Yemen



A fine and charming art in all of the universe stands out from atom to people, from cell to galaxies. Yes, each artwork in the universe from one end to the other has got a very big artistic value. It is very precious and it is created in a very short period of time very easily. It is many, it is complex and it has got a variety. Actually, due to the visible reality, it can not be an art and value in the dealings which are made easily and in complexity. If the maker is the God (Allah CC) who has got eternal science, strenght and will, then everything changes and the contrasts come together.


Before the death, do repent. Repent before meeting to the obstacles to make good works. Remember Allahu Teala very oftenly. Do hurry on when you are intended to give alms and zekat. So, you would reach to sustenance and helps of the Creator Rabb.



The Seeds, Lies and Truths

The love of seed of Turkish press has reached to the sizes tearing the eyes in recent days.

Glucose- Fructose File with its Unknown Aspects

From the pen of Yigit Bulut, who has constituted the agenda with the important news files related to the Glucose and Fructose for

The biggest Capital of Believers is Ahden Fidelity

The events which we hear such as frauding, forgery every day, indicate how we put ahden fidelity out of our life…..


The Source of Healing is Qur’an
Junk Foods Reduce IQ Level of the Children!
The Art in The Lungs
Why Should We Consume Kephir?
The Importance of Water


Ahmet Maranki
Cosmic Life Center
SEDA SAYAN is in Cosmic Life Center
The Cosmic Body Cleaning Camps
Results of Cosmic Body Cleaning





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